The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Personal Care Home

It is always a tough time when the decision is made to move a family member into long term care, this could be personal care or nursing. Many families have to make this decision every day and it can be a traumatic experience for everybody involved. However, if careful consideration is put into place when planning the transition the uncertainty can be kept to a minimum.

Making the Move into Personal Care

Planning every step of the move into long term personal care is an essential part of the process, and if done correctly can make the move much easier for everybody involved. An essential part of any planning process is to allow the potential resident to be involved in as much as possible, including a say in where they are going to live.
The most common options for any long term care are nursing homes, assisted living at home and personal care homes (also known simply as residential).
For potential residents who do not need full time care and are able to do most daily activities for themselves, such as wash, get dressed etc. then a personal care home can be a much better environment for them.
Any transitional period is going to be hard, but within this type of care setting the home is designed to feel more homely for the person living there, but with the obvious benefit of 24hr support from care staff should it be required.

The Benefits of Personal Care

• The number of residents will be much lower than that of a residential home; this should offer a much more personal quality to the care they receive.
• The cost is a lot less than that of residential as there is less time needed to ensure all the residents’ needs are being met, mainly down to some degree of self-dependency.
• The schedule and day to day running are much more relaxed, this means that family and friends can pretty much call in unannounced and stay for as long as they like.
• All the mundane duties such as cooking, washing of clothes, utility bills and medication are all taken care of.
• The feeling of independence – a resident in personal care has a much greater degree of freedom and independence; this is an extremely important outcome for any elderly person living in care.

In conclusion
If a viable option the personal care home is a much better outcome for anyone who requires some assistance with living, it is more cost effective, the quality of care can be better as there is more time dedicated to each resident, and it offers a greater degree of independent living to its residents.

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